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New Year: New Home

New Year: New Home

A Guide to the Simple Updates that Revitalize a Home

When the new year hit it was time for me to think about all of those New Years Resolutions. I have the typical resolutions of having more ‘me’ time and picking up some sort of hobby, but as a homeowner, I think we should all have a yearly resolution for one goal in our house. As a homeowner, I have an ongoing list of all the future projects I would like to accomplish. I want to update the siding to add more curb appeal, which in my mind, includes adding a painted door for the cute charming look I see in the magazines. I am also… Continue reading

Designing a Remodel

Designing a Remodel

Sometimes a remodel can take a long time. The project can consist of numerous phases that end with a fantastic result. At K Remodel, our favorite part of the remodel is the design process because it allows us to come up with out of the box ideas that are innovative and creative.


We like to take homes, spaces, and remodels to the next level. We want our remodels to look and feel fresh and brand new. There is nothing better than homeowners who do not even recognize their own home.


Our design process is fun and efficient. We just finished working on a remodel in Eagle, Idaho. The house that was built… Continue reading

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