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New Year: New Home

New Year: New Home

A Guide to the Simple Updates that Revitalize a Home

New_Years_Resolutions_03When the new year hit it was time for me to think about all of those New Years Resolutions. I have the typical resolutions of having more ‘me’ time and picking up some sort of hobby, but as a homeowner, I think we should all have a yearly resolution for one goal in our house. As a homeowner, I have an ongoing list of all the future projects I would like to accomplish. I want to update the siding to add more curb appeal, which in my mind, includes adding a painted door for the cute charming look I see in the magazines. I am also enthralled with the idea of re-doing our two outdated bathrooms. The list goes on and can seem incredibly overwhelming. I have learned from working at K Remodel, that no matter how old a home is or how long the homeowners have lived in the home there is always a list of things to change, improve, or remove.


This year, I am going to tackle just one project in my home. I am going to replace the flooring in our master bathroom and update the plumbing fixtures. This involves new paint, hardware, and all of the fun design planning that goes into a small remodel. To have your house remodeled, you do not necessarily have to re-do the entire footprint; sometimes simply updating what is currently there will revitalize that space and your home in just the right way. This is a larger project but definitely worth my time and energy. My goal is to do this in the spring time when it is a little warmer outside and the bug for changing my home gets a little stronger. In the mean time, there is a few minor updates that anyone can add to their home to completely change the space.




The first one is painting. No matter how many times you paint your home a fresh coat always makes the world of a difference. You don’t have to paint the whole room or the whole house. You can simply paint one wall an accent color and the whole room feels new and fresh.




The second small update is having your carpets professionally cleaned, it it is not in the budget nor the schedule to buy new carpet. Dirt and grim continually build-up in carpet and the vacuum doesn’t always do it justice. A simple way to update your carpet is to have it cleaned! We did this at our home for the first time in a couple of years and the difference was shocking. Our house smelled brand new and our carpet not only looked the part but felt it as well.



light_updateOne last simple update is to change out your light fixtures or to add embellishments to them. Pinterest is the land of Do It Yourselfers and I stumbled upon a fun an inexpensive way to update your lighting while completely changing your home’s look. It is so simple and effective – paint your lighting fixtures. Never be afraid to give them a good cleanse and to paint them in any color imaginable. Not only does the painting do the trick, but if you are tired to the same old lighting cover then acquire a different shade!


Small updates are the best updates because they never feel completely overwhelming. They are inexpensive and if you desire to do it your self, it is 100% attainable. Small updates are great but never be afraid to dream of a desired remodel and start saving. Remodels are worth your time and energy for one simple reason: to love where you live!



If you have any questions, comments, or need project assistance always feel free to contact us!

~K Remodel


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