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Spring Has Sprung

IMG_2169The other day my little sister brought home a gardening project from school. The project teaches students about plants and plant maintenance and more importantly, teaches students how to be responsible and care for something. I also look at this project as the first step in learning the kind of responsibility that will eventually lead to her being able to take care of her own puppy! Besides those learning tasks, the project is also a competition to see which student can grow the largest cabbage.

I think that this project is fantastic because it allows the family the lifelong learning opportunity and skill developing of gardening! I love to garden but haven’t had the excitement or motivation to start another garden in years. As we talked about how best to help her grow her special cabbage as a family it inspired us to get out the work gloves and start clearing a space for a new garden in our yard. Gardens are a great way to eat healthier, get exercise, and have family time that isn’t sitting and watching tv. Spring is just around the corner and it is time to get our yard and garden spring/summer ready!

We already fertilized our grass, trimmed the trees, and weeded the flowerbeds. kg08-raised-beds-09_xlNow it was time to finally tackle the raised vegetable garden. I read an article from HGTV that suggested a raised vegetable garden is really good for the drainage and growth of the vegetables. It is also important to use topsoil that is guaranteed disease and weed free so the garden starts with a solid foundation. The article also mentioned that using a weed barrier keeps weeds out of your garden and makes the garden easier to maintain.

There are so many material options that can be used to build your beds. Our neighbors used metal roofing to construct their boxes and in the past we used regular 2×6.  When researching a wood or material to use there are so many options. Material options depend on how much you want to spend and invest into this kind of project. In the end we decided to use regular 2×6 and stack them two high to achieve the height we wanted.

IMG_2171_2We went to our local lumber store and purchased our wood and weed barriers and the headed to our local Zamzows for topsoil and compost. We had a wonderful family day building and filling all of our raised garden beds.

Our next adventure in the garden is to figure out where and when to plant our desired fruits, vegetables, and herbs and how to keep the birds away. I know that my little siblings wouldn’t mind making a scarecrow or two.

If you have any questions, comments, or need project assistance always feel free to contact us!

~ K Remodel

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