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Currently we are working on a remodel at Ste. Chapelle Winery (located in Caldwell, Idaho) where we removed over 1400 sq. ft. of oak panelling. The oak covered all of the walls, including the staircase and bar. There was so much wood!

We are pretty far along on our remodel and are getting ready to paint the newly installed drywall. However, now the design questions are beginning to be asked. Do we put accent pieces of the original oak back on some of the walls? Do we introduce new elements such as stone or metal to establish a new look? Is there a way to creatively introduce all of the materials? The questions continue because there are so many different aspects that need to be analyzed when entering this phase of the remodel.

We ended up leaving a section of the old oak panelling on the wall as you walk up the stairs. This is not only a statement wall but it also serves as a preserved memory of what the whole interior looked like before the remodel. This wall is just a small fraction of the remaining space. We want to add new materials and textures to this space while representing a cohesive and continuous design on both floors!

We have this statement wall, but we want to add new textures and materials to make other areas in the room pop without feeling like the room is too busy or too understated. We are incorporating wood flooring, stone back splash, and yes more areas of wood paneling. When we hear wood paneling we often refer back to the 80’s when the floor, ceiling, and walls were all covered in wood (or in some sense, what this space used to be!).

Now, wood is coming back as a statement feature to any space. I have seen wood-paneled walls, fronts of bars, countertops, and design pieces. And that is exactly what we will do! We are going to incorporate a wood-paneled front bar into the space. This will be a great statement item as well as bring in a new texture with a cohesive color to match the other cabinets in the space. We are so excited for our revamped wood paneling!

There are so many creative ways to use wood paneling in a new space. We have all of the design kinks worked out for this project. Check back later for an update on this completed project.

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